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Short ident created for the London International Animation Festival's 2022 edition, for the category Playing With Emotion.

A meditator is visited by two unexpected and very different guests and has to find a way to connect with both of them. Inspired by mindfulness and meditation practice, Guests explores the idea of learning to accept one’s emotions without letting them define you.

I was one of 30 CSM students to pitch their idea to the LIAF team and be chosen. I was assigned a team of two classmates and was director and project leader for the duration of the 2 month long production.

Beat Board

Character Design - Meditator

I took lead in designing the character of the meditator, below is the character bible I devised:

Character Design - Anger & Sorrow

I assigned each of my teammates to design a character. Below are my notes alongside the final designs that they made.


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